West Carleton
Day Respite
Professional elder care
  1. Your Care
    1 in 5 Canadians 45 and older is providing some kind of care to seniors living with long term health problems. It can get overwhelming. With nearly 3000 seniors in our North West Ottawa community, West Carleton Day Respite brings welcome relief.
  2. We Care
    Our trained professionals care about safely meeting the health and social needs of your loved ones. Personalized, well planned services engage them in our intimate home-like environment. We strive to maintain health and stimulate well-being.
  3. Our Seniors
    Every senior deserves services that are responsive, professional, available locally, and trustworthy,
 Why Day Respite Services?
Caregivers are burning out in our community.  

     West Carleton Day Respite was formed as a registered non-profit to provide relief for caregivers of dementia sufferers.  
     These seniors need a convenient, secure, responsive service for social and health maintenance.  
     Their caregivers need this support in order to continue to give vital, compassionate care to their loved ones.  
 Help, when you need it
       With life expectancy rising, more of us find we need various kinds of assistance as we age.  Adult day respite services are designed for older adults who can no longer manage independently, or who are isolated and lonely.
       These services enable seniors to socialize while still receiving needed supportive care. At the same time,  caregivers are offered a break from care-giving duties, and enjoy relief knowing that their loved one is in good hands.
       As a senior, it can be challenging to admit that you need help. And if you are the caregiver, it may be equally difficult to consider allowing "strangers" to care for your precious family member.
       But the best time to start exploring the help available is before you actually need it. 
You should seriously consider using day respite when a senior:

  • Can no longer structure their own daily activities
  • Is isolated and desires companionship
  • Can't be safely left alone at home
  • Lives with someone who works outside the home or who is frequently away from home for other reasons

  1. Beryl
    Vicki works in a very meticulous and clean way. She found an undetected infection on my foot, and that's important because I'm a diabetic. Working together with the medical center she cleared up a terrible problem with simple treatments that worked. She is so knowledgeable and everything she did was wonderful.
  2. Steve
    My father was in care for about two months... Vicki gave amazing care... which resulted in much better health for my dad and a much better quality of life. The apartment and facilities were so clean and aesthetically pleasing... Vicki was also a very important resource person for our dad and his Alzheimer's...
  3. Alice
    My beloved father frequently said how lucky he was to be in such a setting... Vicky gave him the best of care with tenderness and love and with patience... We are so grateful for her help as a reliable, caring and trustworthy caregiver. -- Alice